Theme-based teaching

For a language instruction, theme based teaching has many advantages. It can facilitate active learning, let learners see the links between the subjects, and help learners have thorough understanding about local cultures.

Learning away from Classroom

Based on the topic of Chinese course, LC arranges some outdoor activities or field trips to let learners integrate what they have learnt from the classroom with outdoor activities, immersing themselves in local environment to find out authentic Chinese in life.

Chinese Corner

The purpose of Chinese Corner is to let foreign students have a chance to practice Chinese, to communicate with CYUT students, to know more about Taiwan from different perspectives.

Culture Experience

Chaoyang University of Technology is located in Wu-feng, a highly cultured district. Covering an area of 66.4 hectares on a luscious green mountain, Chaoyang is the best choice for you to learn Chinese and Taiwanese culture. Aside from Chinese courses, LC provides a variety of cultural courses, such as painting paper fans, visiting Wufeng Lin Family, playing mahjong, making facial mask, making dumplings, making lanterns, writing calligraphy, etc. It is here that you can experience the beauty of Taiwanese local cultures and festive attractions.

CYUT Learning Partner

CYUT learning partners will all be trained by LC. They help foreign students study Chinese in an interesting way. Thus, they need to organize and implement all kinds of Chinese learning activities or tasks, such as Chinese adventure, scavenger hunt, board games, charades, etc.

Movie Corner

Movie is one of the best ways to practice second languages and to know other countries’ cultures. LC chooses a few Chinese movies related to the course topics. With teacher's instruction and guidance, learners can have a thorough and deeper understanding on Taiwanese culture and exchange.